Concord Schools
Our goal is for students to have big opportunities once they’ve left us because we’ve prepared them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for success.  We believe that our small and close-knit community can do this better than anyone.  
Commitments to Our Students:


We are committed to providing all students with excellent teaching.

Successful people read well.  We will emphasize an abundant amount of reading, writing, and discussing in our classrooms to help our students become strong readers and thinkers.

Curriculum and Assessment

We commit to having a robust curriculum that identifies what our kids should know and be able to do throughout the year.  

We commit to regularly assessing students’ mastery so we can intervene quickly if they have not yet mastered the core curriculum.

We commit to providing additional time for students to master grade level curriculum.


We commit to providing a wide range of academic opportunities to meet the needs of our kids.

Learning Environment

We commit to providing our students with technology that will prepare them for college and careers.

We commit to providing our students with learning environments that are clean, safe, and conducive to learning in the 21st century.

Concord Community Schools

405 S. Main St

PO Box 338

Concord, Michigan  49237

Phone:  (517) 524-8850

Fax:      (517) 524-8613

Dan Funston, Superintendent




District Phone Numbers
Administrative Office
(517) 524-8850
(517) 524-8613
Dan Funston, Superintendent
Elementary Office 
(517) 524-6650    
(517) 524-7680
Rebecca Hutchinson, Principal
Middle School Office 
(517) 524-8854
(517) 524-7324
Rebecca Hutchinson, Principal
High School Office
(517) 524-8384 
(517) 524-6196
Cheryl Price, Principal
(517) 524-8865
(517) 524-8613
Scott Stoner
Food Service
(517) 524-8131
Alan Breneman