Welcome to Concord Community Schools!

Thank you for supporting our student athletes!  It hasn’t taken me long to feel a deep sense of pride in the accomplishments of our kids.  People should “Fear the Hive!” because our student athletes have displayed hard work, dedication, and a very high level of toughness. 

 We are here to support our kids and it is important that we do so in a positive way.  We provide a strong athletic program so our students can learn the value of hard work, teamwork, and commitment.  It is important that we as adults do not take away from this purpose by drawing unwanted attention to ourselves.  This includes yelling at officials, cursing, or otherwise acting in ways that do not represent the level of excellence our student athletes are displaying this fall.  Negative adult actions take the attention away from our kids, which is

Go Yellowjackets!



Dan Funston


Concord Community Schools Athletic Department

It is the primary concern of the Concord Athletic Department that athletic participation and competition further develop the citizenship, sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and mental and physical well being of the student athlete. More important than winning is the knowledge of fundamentals, development of coordination, attitude, physical fitness and participation. Lower levels of competition shall provide students with maximum opportunities to participate.

Concord Community Schools endorse the goals and aspirations of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and thereby adopts all corresponding rules and regulations.

It is imperative that students understand that participation in high school athletics is a privilege and not a right. Participation is extended to those students whose scholastic record and citizenship satisfies the standards imposed by Concord Community Schools, as well as those of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

On behalf of Concord Community Schools and the entire coaching staff, we would like to thank everyone that supports Concord Athletics. Concord is extremely proud of our students and fans. Our tradition is not only measured by our victories, but also by the way we conduct ourselves when we win or lose. Always remember, winning isnt everything, but good sportsmanship is.